Tournament Rules


Cedalion Teambuilding and Sports Events. By order of Handbal Lokeren vzw.

Playing Rules

Cedalion Cup is played according to IHF rules and Belgian Handball Federation (BHB) regulations. The English text is valid in interpretation issues.

Competition Form

Boys 14:

  • Players have to be born in 2005-2006.
  • Ball size: 1
  • The duration of all matches is 2 x 15  minutes, with 5 minutes break.

Boys 16:

  •  Players have to be born in 2003-2004.
  •  Ball size: 2
  • The duration of all matches is 2 x 15  minutes, with 5 minutes break.

All participants must be able to present a photo identification upon request.

Group placement is decided by the usual system of points. If two or more teams have the same amount of points, their position will be decided by the following priorities :

1) Highest amount of winning matches
2) Result of mutual match(es)
3) Goal difference of mutual match(es)
4) Highest amount of scored goals of mutual match(es)
5) Goal difference (overall)
6) Highest amount of scored goals (overall)
7) Penalty shoot out

Ties in final games are determined by a one time 5 min prolongation. If there is still a tie, then we will have penalties, starting with 3 players of each team. If there is still a tie then, penalties will continue with 1 player of each team.


Boys 14 and Boys 16

Number of Players and Substitutes

A team may use a maximum of 16 players per game. You may use the same player from a club in various teams in the tournament.

Before the Game
Team List
Before the start of the tournament we ask a list with the players name and birth dates for each team.

Arriving in Lokeren you will receive this list with some blank spaces. There you can make the final changes. The final list with all the players has to be handed over to the organisation before the start of your first match.


Every participating team is asked to bring with two different jerseys in two different colours.

• If two teams have the same dress colour, the away team has to change.

During the game

  • All teams have to be ready and dressed at the arena 15 minutes before the throw-off of the game (if a team is delayed the tournament jury must be contacted before a decision is made). Warming up can be done in the small hall downstairs.
  • The home team has the ball at the start of the game.
  • The teams cannot request team time out.
  • Time is only stopped in the last 5 minutes of each match.
  • A team that leaves the playing arena will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • After the game, each team leader must sign the game protocol.
  • Each team is responsible for its’ supporters’ behaviour.


The home team has to bring a correct size and authorized ball to the game. This ball must be approved by the referee. If not, the away team can provide another ball. It is forbidden to use glue during the matches.

Special Rules

Handball regulations vary in different countries. In an international tournament like Cedalion Cup this fact can cause problems. We eager all participants to try to solve these matters with a friendly spirit.

Age Identification

All players have to show age identification if the tournament jury asks for it. If a team uses an over-aged player they will be excluded from the tournament.


No exceptions are made concerning the age limit. Only younger players can play in the older category, not the other way round.

Referees, Officials

All matches have a Cedalion Cup official who operates the score board. It is allowed for one extra official from each team to join the Cedalion Cup official.

Tournament Jury

The jury decides protests and penalties. The jury’s rulings cannot be changed or overruled.

Protests and Penalties

Protests have to be given in to the secretariat. This has to be done within 30 minutes after the game. The jury will make a decision within one hour.

Disqualification and Excluding

Players and leaders that are disqualified (=red card) can be suspended for the following match. This can be requested with the jury by the referee from the match or one of the officials. It is possible that the jury decides to exclude the player or coach for the whole tournament.


Walk Over

A team that does not show up in time for match without a legitimate reason will lose the game with 10-0. If this happens more than once, the team may be excluded from the tournament. If there are compelling reasons the jury can exclude a team on the first offence. For example if a deliberate walk over benefits the own or another team in the group.

Playing Program

Cedalion Cup reserves the right to make changes in the schedule regarding groups, start times and halls.

Result Service

Results will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well on our website

Order Regulations

* The team leader stipulated on the team list will at all times be responsible for his/her players’ behaviour and the cost for any damage they may have caused.
* It is forbidden to consume any form of alcoholic beverages and to handle any narcotics.
* Each team must clean their sleeping facilities before departure.
* All participants must follow instructions from Cedalion Cup officials.

If these rules are disobeyed, the offence will be handled by the tournament jury and may lead to disqualification and expulsion from the accommodation.

Insurance, Liability

Each team leader must make sure that his/her players are totally insured both on and outside the playing field. Cedalion Cup has no general insurances that cover accidents, sickness, thefts or damages. Cedalion Cup is not obliged to refund any team due to force majeure occurrences, for example war, war like occurrences, revolution or similar event, strike, lockout, blockade.

We urge our participants and leaders never to leave any valuables or money unattended!

Notice of Changes

Every team manager must make sure that all participants are aware of these rules. Every team manager must make sure that he/she has the latest version of this document.