The tournament will take place in the new “Sportcomplex”  in Lokeren, Belgium. There we have two indoor halls in one big complex.

Our main hall is the biggest. Here we will have the final matches, with seating for nearly 1000 people we will do our very best to not only create a great atmosphere but also great memories.

Because of the fact that we are growing we will also have some matches played in sporthalls nearby. Opening and final matches are all at the big court in the sportcomplex. 

Lodging facilities

The lodging facilities are located very close to the “Sportcomplex”. For some matches it may be possible you will need your bus or cars to get there. In case some of your teams play on different location the organisation can help with the transportation. . Every team will sleep indoor. Your sleeping facility will be appointed to you. We have different options : Het Koetshuis and Hoogland are youth hostels. Places here are limited. At these places we have beds.

Second choice for your stay is to stay in school buildings. We have some air matrasses you can borrow, but we need to know this in advance.

Third choice is the Cedalion Cup Campsite. There we have some places indoor, but the purpose of the campsite is obviously that you bring your own tents. This campsite is very luxurious and provides enough showers and toilets to receive up to 250 people!