About Cedalion Cup

In 2013 we had the very first international handball tournament in Lokeren. Everything was new for us : finding teams, finding referees, organising meals, creating a nice atmosphere… We knew it would be a lot of hard work, but with a few people we managed to arrange a great first edition. During the tournament we have had a lot of help from other parents.

The Cedalion Cup was born !

The last 5 years Cedalion Cup was only for boys and the 6th edition brings the biggest change for us so far. We are now open for girls teams as well. We have increased in size year after year so this was a logical next step in our development. 

Check out our pictures and video’s on our website and Facebook page but don’t forget to read the comments from parents and players. Year after year we try to improve our services. For 2018 we will be offering sleeping facilities in schools and youth hostels.

For the first time we will have our own Cedalion Cup Campsite.

Also we are expanding our activities along side the handball tournament. Try out the Lasershooting, Arrow Tag and Bubble soccer !

For all your questions, just contact us !